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"Priced Accordingly"


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1,2oo bucks ??? L O L H a H a H a ! ! ! !

That's Funny . . . . . . . ...

In your dreams buddy that you get $12oo for them in that shape

I love seeing that on Ebay , guys who waste cash Hoping that someone would bite on trash

I know it's not your auction Rivernuggets the humor is directed @ the Ebay Seller

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Jeeze, did they drag these behind a truck with a rope?

I was thinking that these woudl make nice parts boxes to build a few centers if he was willing to sell the pair for $300, but I just took a closer look, check out the repair job on the left tweeter. Nothing like 17 drywall screws to hold a horn in place.

I would say to opt for the warranty at $179.99 AND the eBay buyer protection.

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With the dented cones an extra screws holding the horn in?

Yea, I thought that it was the flash, but those cones do look pretty rough. I don't think that you can give this seller the benefit of the doubt. The tweeter diaphragm also looks rough, but how would you damage that? Poke it with a stick?

In the grand scheme of things, I would recomend these as "all weather outdoor use speakers." I'd be embarassed to sell these, they look like giveaways or put 'em on the curb Saturday morning.

I looked them up on Audiogon and they are a "2." They definately do not qualify as a "3"

3 = Speakers have major scratches or chunks gouged out, but all drivers are unmolested.

2 = Speakers have torn drivers or crinkled tweeters, or more than 3 major scratches, and grill covers have disintegrated.

OK guys, what are they worth? We can safely say that shipping would be more than the value of the entire speaker. We can also say that every driver is probably damaged in some way and the cabs are junk. The crossovers and binding posts (maybe) are the only usable parts. I'm thinking maybe $50 local pick up to put in a shop behind a big piece of speaker cloth (they are a TWO!!).

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