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Thanks for all the help. We got a macbook pro and its really nice but the wifi is really slow. When i run it with the ethernet cord its perfect so i knows its the wifi. After reading and talking to apple it sounds like its a problem with a lot of these so I'm going to take it back if we cant get it working right and get something else. i have read up and tried a few thing but its pretty frustrating. Apple did say they could sell me software to fix it i said thanks but no thanks lol.

Perhaps the router itself is the culprit. Have you tried the wifi at a hotspot? I have had the worst luck with wifi routers... The ethernet works fine, and the wifi sometimes hardly moves and disconnects all the time... Plug in the ethernet, and all your troubles are gone. Sounds frighteningly familiar. Smile
I'm not sure how relevant the following is, but I got a MacBook Pro laptop for the dining room after many years using my Dell PC as my main system in the basement. The Dell stayed downstairs, where I put a new router to wi-fi to the Mac.

It's not been wholly successful -- sometimes the Mac doesn't "Wi" for a long time, and I never know when it will finally do it. Some PC programs like AOL don't work very well, either, and some Windows programs aren't made for Macs.

I have two other rather major issues: (1) I can't open a second window (or don't know how) on the Mac, so I can't go back and forth between windows; and (2) the MS keyboard works quite differently from the Mac's -- the Mac "delete" key has awkward uses; the Mac doesn't use the MS CTRL-key shortcuts; and the Home and End keys go to the beginning and end of the document, not the line. I finally gave up and got an MS keyboard, which takes up extra space and duplicates the Mac's keyboard. This is NOT an arrangement I'd do again!

Have you tried the mac with a different wifi (at someplace else?)? When i ran a speed test i was getting 0.9 speeds with wifi. When i put the other router in i got 19.0.

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Have you tried the mac with a different wifi (at someplace else?)? When i ran a speed test i was getting 0.9 speeds with wifi. When i put the other router in i got 19.0

That's interesting. I'd have to buy the different router, though. Thing is, most of the time the linkup comes right away, while the holdup occurs rather infrequently. Not sure it's worth taking a crapshoot on an alternate router.

MicroCenter tech support has been mixed -- they suggested stromgomg an ethernet cable up the stairs and around corners, but were able to fix an IP address conflict.

I wondered about other IP address conflicts -- the laptop has one, that was originally in conflict with the HP wireless printer's until that got fixed. So, it seems like an occasional conflict , but I still don't know how to track down or fix the problem.

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I gave my Dell to my son and bought a MacBook Pro. Since then I have also bought an I pad tablet. I will never have another PC. My wife needs a PC for her software. Her Dell had to go in for repair which turned out to be a virus. In the meantime I bought her a factory refurb dual core HP laptop for 500 bucks-new factory warranty. The thing rocks. Lightning fast and not too heavy-about the same as my MacBook. Slaton computer in Charlotte NC. They sell the heck out of these-highly recommend fro bang/buck.

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