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**SOLD** Adcom GFP-565 Preamplifier


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As I continue to thin out my audio collection, I am offering up my Adcom GPF-565 Preamplifier. This was one of Adcom's nicest units and is renowned for its absolutely awesome phono stage as well as three preamp outputs (bypass/lab/normal) to facilitate bi-amping. This unit is in excellent condition and is the most neutral preamplifier I have ever owned. This is an extremely well built piece of audio equipment.

Don't confuse this with the inferior (and much cheaper) GFP-555 that was Adcom's budget preamplifier. They look similar, but have much different innards, fewer inputs and a substandard phone stage.

I'm asking $300.


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I still have my Adcom GFP-565 available for sale. I tried to price this below others I've seen in this condition that have actually sold. Another forum member informed me this is the same pre amp that Roy Delgato uses to do demonstrations with the Jubilees. This is a great piece of gear in excellent condition.

One other interesting fact I was not aware of is that the GFP in the model stands for "Great F.....g Preamplifier".

Rather than ramble on about the features and specs of this amplifier, I've provided an informative article done by Sterephile when the 565 was released.


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