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FS: One Pair of Dynaco MK-III mono-block amps.


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I'm trying this, again. The other night, the size of the pics and I were not agreeing, and the pics were winning.

It's house-cleaning time, again, and time to replenish the "fun money" account, so I can pay some bills.... I am looking at selling my Dynaco
MK-III mono-block amps. This is not an easy task for me, because I love
the sound of these amps. The good news is, I have some rebuilt Baldwin
amps to take their place.

Here they are:

Both amps were completely rebuilt by Chris Keller (Cjkinpa on Audiogon),
an sound wonderful with the tubes that are being provided. Some

New ceramic tube sockets.

New caps, resistors, etc.

Base cleaned and painted black.

New driver board.

All original iron and cloth leads.

New binding posts.

New RCA input jacks.

Original cages.

Tube complement.... Amp One, (2) Ruby 6550's, Sylvania 5U4, Sylvania 6AN8A.

Amp Two, (2) Russian 6550's, Sylvania 5U4, Sylvania 6AN8A.

I can't say enough about these amps, they were in my main system for
over a year, then have been in my bedroom system ever since. I have
included lots of pics to show the condition of the amps.

Asking: $975.00 for the pair with the above tubes. Plus actual shipping.

Pics of Amp One:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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