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Ms. Belle vs. Mr. K-Horn


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Just to throw this out there

There has been some false corners that were built into/onto the Khorns that made them look similar to the Jube bottom that actually looked original when done correctly. I would keep the sound you like and let you point then in ideal directions.

If my old memory is correct it was tigerwood veneer used and it may have been this member. They look very nice........just an idea to help keep your favorite speakers.


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I share the opinion that the Lascala and Belle will resemble
each other more than to the khorn given the lost bass extension, but either
could work with a proper subwoofer. The
Vittora can also be had with it’s subwoofer.

On paper, the LaScala is the more similar (same horns, same
x-over frequencies, etc…) but this, on the other hand, will also make the lost
bass extension more obvious. The Belle
probably sounds more balanced given the higher midrange crossover and dropped
overall efficiency, making the lost bass less apparent (I’ve never had the opportunity
to listen to a Belle side by side).

And despite being a direct radiator, I always thought the
Cornwall’s bass a better match to the Khorns… am I the only one? Volti does offer a pre-packaged “cornscala” in his Alura...


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Define please.

That is capable to produce the volumes you will be listening
to, without distortion.

I feel the
sonic “characteristics” are not as obvious when in the sub-bass regions... and
placement, room effects, and adjustment will play a bigger role assuming you
are not distorting.

If you do all your listening at low volumes, or your musical
preferences are not very bass’y, then your selection is quite big … but if you
enjoy uncompressed, dynamic, music at louder volumes, your selection will
diminish. That is one of the issues
when mating a subwoofer with speakers capable to reproduce over 120db.

What do you listen to and what are your sources? (vinyle,
CD, flac, Bluray, etc…)

I’m using DIY units in both my systems and am not up to date
on the current subwoofer models (the subwoofer forum may be of more help
there)… but if you want an efficient subwoofer with good bass extension,
Hoffman’s Iron Law (that relates efficiency and bass extension to enclosure
size) certainly applies, and the reason many heritage owners are using such
LARGE subwoofers.

If you do look around for a subwoofer, try and figure out
before hand what budget, size, WAF, potential placement, etc... you are willing
to live with...


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I think i have to agreee with Dtel on this one. False corners done properly might be the best option yet. At least its realtively cheap to try before we do anything crazy like putting a nice set of Khorns on the used market. Try to keep your horns.

this could be a different thread but Im all about subs...good subs. The Bass from my 684 is tight, not boomy, very concise and to the point. but its larger than your average unit. Bigger subs are better...lol.

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There are several companies making nice horn loaded subs
like Danley, as well as some very interesting DIY designs floating around on
the net. Check out some of Carl’s (CECAA850)
projects on here... he’s built and owned, built, sold, quite a few of the
current designs... and would be quite
apt at comparing them. Of coarse all af
them are large.

I also noticed you are using a dbx expander... so I’m
thinking “dynamic” would describe how you like your music. I’m using a IB sub with khorns on my main
system... once I tried it, there was no going back…


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  • 2 weeks later...

Overall there is not a great deal of difference in the sound of a late model La Scala compared with a later model Belle. I think more differences are heard when comparing an earlier model with a later model. I think the Belle sounds slightly less colored and congested though. I put this down to the Belle's superior cabinet construction. The Belle sounds best when pulled away from the back wall, with the listener sitting at one point of an equilateral triangle, and the speakers sitting at each of the other two points. You give away a little boundary reinforcement in the lower frequencies, but the gains in sound staging and imaging are profound. I use a REL subwoofer to fill in the lower frequencies. The REL is snug into a corner with the crossover set to start rolling off from 30 Hz upwards. I tried a slightly higher crossover setting with the sub, but it started to muddy the superb horn bass too much. Now it's perfect, and I reckon my setup would give a pair of Klipschorns something to think about.

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