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Rf 83s and rc 64


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Im am parting with my Klipsch RF-83 Towers. Mint condition and RC-64 Center also mint condition. Im open for offers and I will ship these Nothing wrong with them at all I am the original owner bought them brand new from a an authorized dealer in charlotte Nc, and used a Pionner Elite SC-07 and now a Elite SC-55 to power them paired with a Parasound 5250 V2. Just looking to upgrade to a Pair of RF-7ii;s and RC-64ii possibly the Palladium Line. Just got a Anthem A5 Amp to power my system with my Elite so that is the only reason im selling them. Thanks and feel free to ask any questions.

Call me at 803 412 6428 - mike

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I have owned the Rf 83s for about 6 years and they have served me very well. just looking for a more Punchy speaker and ive read great things about the new crossover systems. Im looking to do some upgrading. The RC-64 is great but if I swap out the RF83s id like the center to match them as well. do you have any suggestions in regards to upgrading the Mains above and beyond what the 83s can do?

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I would like to get 700 for the RC-64

1400 for the 83s

For the RC64 I will ship it for 50 dollars and the 83s I package separately and ship for 100 total on both.

All are Black

Don't you have the 83's listed on eBay for considerably less?


I thought we took care of other members

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