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Klipsch Art Work


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Bought at an estate sale. Guy was a Jazz and Klipsch guy. A professional print shop told me it probably cost around $20 just to print. It is digital artwork on quality paper, printed with quality inks.

Note the detail in the record label and the vinyl itself.

This is for the artwork rolled and mailed to you, no frame. $60 including shipping. If you want the frame, it will be $110 which includes shipping.

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hmm never seen this?

Here are a couple of observations that I noticed from the pictures and the OP's post.[8-|]

The OP did not state this poster was "Klipsch issued." It looks like a tribute poster that may have been printed during 2009, as evidenced by the "Wiley Thomas 09" inscription at the bottom right hand corner of the poster.

I suspect there once may have been an original album and this album could be somewhat rare since Klipsch used the phrase "The mark of integrity in loudspeakers" during the 1960s & 1970s (not sure about beyond the 1970s) as evidenced by this inscription on the bottom of the "letterhead" for the Dope from Hope letters from that time period. It would be nice if this was the original album and it was framed. [H]

Does anyone know the last time that Klipsch would have been referred to as "Klipsch and Associates, Inc." and how long the phrase "The mark of integrity in loudspeakers" was used?"[^o)]

Final observation is that the "MCA Records of 100 Universal Plaza" is long gone. Although I believe that this type of MCA logo was used primarily from about 1972 - 1997 (the "M" in the poster looks closer to the 1991 - 1997 version and sometime after 1986 MCA re-launched the "Impulse!" name), but the MCA logo may now only still be used in some form as part of "MCA Nashville."

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