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I see a pair of Heresy's in Orange County for $450. A little high. Cornwalls in Encino for $1650. Really high. Klipschorns in the Inland Empire. $2795. Too high. Belles are hard to find in So Cal. Basically these prices are on the high side but it is the LA metro area. I would guess they are asking more than what you want to pay. Good luck.

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i saw those but they are pretty beat up. i found a really nice set today on ebay for 349 plus 95 to ship. i dint think that was to bad for a really nice set.

paid 300 for a pretty nice pair for my garage.

i see more up near san francisco ara than in LA

thanks for the info. apprecite it.

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I have family in LA so I try to keep an eye out for Heritage stuff. There isn't much in the Central Valley. I have gotten nice deals but generally have to be patient. I sure would like to get some Belles but they are hard to find. I even check the Central Coast like San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara. Good luck.

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