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khorns vs belles


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its me again with another question.

looking at a really nice set of khrons but only have one corner. would it be a waste to purchase the horns if i couldnt utilize their full potential?

i really like the way the Belles look and wouldnt mind finding a nice set. how do they compare to the khorns?

i might be able to add a small wall for the horns if needed.

if iam going to spend the money i just want the best.

thanks again for any imput.


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If you can easily add a false wall and not make your room look bad, and if you do not intend on moving, and if your listening position works with the K Horns (they are stuck at 45 degrees from corners), and if you can avoid any issues with interference with your walls (first reflections), then get the k horns.

Otherwise, get a pair of belles and add a tapped horn subwoofer, much more versitile to work with in a domestic setting. You can always add a better mid horn which you would do the the K Horn anyway.

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I have a pair of Klipschorns and a Belle. The Belle (in our room) has a little bass peak at 60 Hz, whereas the K-horn has a little dip there. The K-horns have much better response at 40 Hz, and are more pleasently overwhelming, powerful and spatial than the Belle, especially when turned up. The Khorn's use of a longer midrange horn, and having the tweeters placed at a greater height may have something to do with this.

I'd build an artificial corner, or a new wall, in a minute! Either a corner or a wall must be absolutly rigid and massive, and provide a good, tight seal with the K-horn. Use 3/4 ply on all surfaces of your artificial corner or wall. It can be covered with hardwood veneer, if you like. Screw and glue to your 2 x4 or 2x6 framing (16" o.c., or closer). One guy filled the space between the plywood sheets with tightly packed fine sand. He thought he got better bass. Rudy Bozak had one sand filled speaker enclosure. A local church filled the gap between the sheetrock wallls with sand. The sound of the pipe organ improved greatly -- deeper, more authority, etc. It might not have been the best of ideas, though. Now the worshipers wonder what will happen when the earthquake comes.

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I say get the khorns and build a false corner. The khorn will dig deeper for sure. i had belles, too, they were great, harder to find i think than a good set of khorns. Belles are very pretty.

Belles are very nice looking speakers ...take a peak at the set I just purchased within the last few weeks.


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looks real nice. i like the look.

how much were the Belles?

iam waiting for a guy to drop his price on the Belles here in Ca. they are on ebay but he wants 2750 for the pair.

You should change your heading from "Khorns vs. Belles" to "Khorns and Belles" . . . I went with both and have been pleased . . . Even got some high WAF out of them. :-). And, they are sonically match. I also found out a Belle makes a perfect center and tv stand between the Khorns. Seems lately, though, that a pair of nice Khorns can be had cheaper than a nice set of Belles. Either way, extreme patience and timing will result in a good buy.

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