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SOLD!: 1976 La Scalas, Buffalo, NY


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I am embarrassed to sell these, but I just don't have room for them. I have been out of work for over 3 years and don't have the funds to repair these. Both cabinets were redone professionally by the previous owner. They have superficial scratches and a few mars on them. The main problem with these are that both woofers are blown. My disability makes it difficult to dig into these as I fear that I would muck them up. They have the original drivers and AA Balancing Networks. They have non-consecutive serial numbers. 7P401 and 7P407. They also are stamped USA on the back. If Andy is out there, what does the USA stand for?

I am willing to ship these. However, the buyer would be responsible for finding a shipping company who will package them up and ship them. I don't want to be responsible for packing insufficiently and causing them to arrive damaged. I am in Buffalo,NY, 14207.

I am asking $300.00 OBO for the pair. Cash for local pick up or money order or bank check will also suffice.


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Not having any luck, I have 1 more trucker friend I haven't been able to talk to but I have no idea where in the country he is.

Must be as few Klipscher's there as there are here for those to have not sold yet.

I have owned a few set of lascala's (have 2 now), but I've never had a set that had a WAF, so they have always lived in the shop.

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Please let me know if is doesn't work out with BRAC. Do you have any better photos of the cabinets?

Thank you.

BerserkNitro is in line after Brac. Sorry, I can't get any better pics of them. My cell phone is the only camera I have right now. I sent my digital camera to my son last year, who was deployed to Egypt for 9 months in the Army. If someone near me has a camera and a way to download to a computer, I invite you to come over and take some pics for me. I would really appreciate it.

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