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Y'know........ it is more than the inconvenience. It reflects on the company as well. I run a Mac......... No other site I use fails to recognize paragraphs. That includes my rinky dink local newspaper comments section and blogs. This ONLY happens on these Klipsch Forums. Do they drive covered wagons to work? I dunno mebbe it is some sort of 'analog' statement. My posts will all be in one huge paragraph. I guess I should be happy they use 'periods' and other forms of common punctuation.

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To make it easier, if you don't do it already, is while using the greater and less than arrows <> with a P in the middle: Highlight and copy the three characters (Command-C) and simply do a Command-C to paste it in place.

It is easier than having to constantly type the three characters.

I suppose you could also do a macro and tie it to a function key, but you get the idea.


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