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cornwall cabinet drawings


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I need to refinish the scala cabs - that's not cheap - but the internals are in mint condition - I have cornwalls and I love the sound - especially playing 70 's sound - building a pristine pair of cornwalls cabs is hey not a bad alternative - and I can always take my time to fix my scalas - a few screws and they can be retrofitted - I am not scrapping my scala cabs - in any case - tx

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Sounds like you are thinking about what is commonly referred to as a "CornScala". If you search the forum, you'll find lots of information on them. I built a pair several years ago, and I'm ecstatic with them. Also see this link: http://www.critesspeakers.com/cornscala.html

The key dimensions are:

6.59 cu. ft. internal volume

50 sq. in. port

9 in. port shelf


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