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For sale 2 RB-75's cherry finish


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I have a pair for sale. I have them on stands which are nice wood but not the same color... I believe the stands are oak and if you want them they are yours. We scaled down to a smaller house and even though these are "bookshelf" speakers they aren't exactly small. I live in upstate ny and I didn't keep the original boxes so local pickup makes sense unless you really want them shipped which I'm sure won't be cheap. Email me if you want to see pictures or have questions.

Brian.j.rahn@ gmail.com

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Hello -

I'm in upstate new York near Utica, zip code is 13413. I dont have the boxes anymore, of course I did until sometime in the last year. I'm not sure I could package them safely but a shipping company could I'm sure. There is no damage , scratches etc, really good shape. I can send you some photos if you're interested. I'm thinking I'd like to get 600 for the pair.



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I've never heard them myself....just curious how they sound. Some have claimed they are as close as you can get to the RF-7's in a bookshelf? Huh?

They have a surprisingly good bottom end. I listen to a lot more multi-channel music since putting a pair in my system.

good luck with sale/purchase

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