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tube amp with remote


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Hi, looking for a good 2 channel amp with a remote control for my Cornscalla's. what would be a good amp to get? thanks pete going to use in my bedroom and dont want to keep getting up and down.

also, just got an ipod and afraid to try and figure that thing out. LOL going to try and set up an account today. Maybe LOL

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yeh. that's sort of the nature with recently manufactured amps... no tone controls. "audiophiles" won't take them seriously. it's a marketing thing.

used to bother me a bit, but have found that they really aren't needed for the most part. They can be helpful compensating for poor recordings.

I have been using a Sunfire tube preamp for some years. It does have a remote and bass and treble contour controls. It is really a nice unit.

there aren't alot of tube amps out there with remote AND tone controls. Back in the day, tone controls were standard on top of the line amplifiers. Now remote control is not so hard to find.

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the cayin looks like a very nice amp especially in my price range but i dont see that it has any adjustment for bass and treble? i see alot of the aftermarket tube amps dont have those features. my fisher x101 has the controls and it makes a big differance.

Most modern integrated tube amps also don't have a balance control. This is an even more important feature than tone controls.


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