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i'M SELLING THOSE LaSCALAs-- cheap !!!!!


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OK GUYS..HERE'S THE DEAL. Those LaScala's I got for $350 a pair- I'm selling them. Gotta them hooked up and :

A) My wife HATES the "P.A." look of them

B) My wife HATES the "flat black paint job"

C) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY..........I got frustrated fast by the hook up situation. These are the "pro" models that need "jumpers" or bi-wiring and something --and something is going on w/ phasing. Either the horns,tweets, or woofs are out of phase w/ each or halfway or something. On their own- each sounds good. But together ,there is something hooked up weird. And because I am not a wiring expert ( or even a novice ) and am incredibly impatient AND the fact that my wife is so NOT digiin their look and size...dig?? They are UP FOR GRABS.

I paid $350 plus tax..so the 1st $375 offer or better CAN COME PICK THEM UP..I cant ship them --But if you know what youre doing and want a pair of classic LaScala's CHEAP..$375 will get you them.

THESE ARENT BLOWN !! I just need "easy" in my life right now so maybe a pair of cornwalls or another pair of chorus'...

INTERESTED?? Please email me ( Dan )DIRECTLY at Sparkledrive1@aol.com $375--COME GET EM!!


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Calm Down Old Boy!!

They can easily be made to look acceptable and to sound breathtakingly good!

Hang Tight and don't toss 'em yet.

If I had the Schekels I would buy the beggars but since I do not ..... trust myt statement above. More Experienced Klipschies will be around to stomp out this particular brush fire - Trust me you have a great pair of speakers on your hands and in fact they may have a higher dollar value to some folk than the home version!

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Between my recent good fortune on the Cornwalls (posted as "Cornwalls, 10.00") and the distance to Nashville, I can't take advantage of this deal. I agree something is going on if they sound different separately than together, and with a bit of patience it could be figured out. Refinishing is also not a big deal.

However, I am sure they will find a loving and accepting home.



David A. Mallett

Average system component age: 30 years.

Performance: Timeless

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no promises but my wife may be a bit more lenient or she could leave me for buying my third set of speakers inside of 3 months. i am interested in 'thinking' I need to make another purchase and hell you're in my neighbor state. do you have any pictures?


HT - Klipsch Synergy Premiere

Audio - Heresy, KG4

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