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Going old school....need speaker advice!


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$950 with the upgrade may be a litttle high. I sold my Chorus IIs a little over a year ago with no upgrades for $800. I think $850 would be a good price for that pair, maybe get lucky and offer the seller $800 if you have that much in your budget.

Ok... In atlanta area:



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I agree....La Scalas! I don't think the Kg4's have the ability to fill a room the size you have got, especially with tall ceilings. The Heresey would be great, (1/3 of a khorn), but still you will lack bass to fill the room. La Scalas with the folded horn and 15" woofer would be marvelous for you. Im a bass guy and run a def tech powerfield 15 with my la scalas but i probably dont really need to. I at one point owned some kg4's though and recently passed them on to my father in law. Very nostalgic, nice sounding little speaker but they can't really be brought up in the same sentence performance wise with the heresey. Go La Scala, my friend! Once you go with the BIG horn , you'll never look back!

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