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Ampex - 196 Mastering Series


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Ok they are take up reels for vidio tape. I think tv stations stoped using !" open reel tape in the 70's

I thought they were audio ampex reels which are still used,but they look diffrent to me.

I was intersted when I thought they were for audio ,as I use 1" tape for recoding in my studio.

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Travis, you know more about it than I do for sure. Aren't those holes bigger than NAB?

Well thanks for the vote of confidence but I am not very knowledgable when it comes to video tape, but I am pretty sure that the NAB standard applies to both video and audio tape, but not positive. The advantage with using reels from insturmentation tape and video, if the hubs are in fact the same size, is that they used very rugged AND precision flanges (the metal part of the "reel"). They are thicker than typical audio tape flanges and very flat without wobble. This is why you never want to pick and hold a metal reel by pinching it on sides, it will go out of true. You should always hold them and lift by the the hub, the hole in the middle. Most audio decks can easily accomodate this extra thickness. The disadvangage is that is some cases you cannot exchange these flanges onto a thinnner hub (i.e. 1/4 or 1/2") like you can with most other audio tape.

If Cigar has access to to a audio deck with NAB spindles he would be able to see right away if the hole diamater is the same along with the three slots that the hubs slide onto. If so, they are valuable as "percision" reels.

However, they don't look as valuable as I thougt, a lot of 16 just like his recently sold on Ebay for $65. If they are convertable to 1/4" hubs that is a real steal for empty percision reels. Precision hubs are easy to spot as they use 5, sometimes 6, screws to secure the flanges to the hubs instead of the typical 3 screws.

US Recording sells the screw kits for 1/4" hubs to be able to convert them, however, because of the thinkness and rugged nature of the flanges this sometimes does not work and it of course assumes that you have extra 5 screw 1/4" percision hubs laying around.


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