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Recommend an inexpensive phono pre-amp


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I bought some vinyl a few years ago with the intentions to listen to them some day. Unfortunately my Panasonic doesn't have a phono input. I'd like to get a phono pre-amp for less than $100. I see that Cambridge Audio makes them and there's a few on eBay. I had a couple of their CD players in the past and thought they were very nice.

Anyone have any recommendations? And, just so I'm clear on this, if I get a phono pre-amp I'd run RCA cables from the turntable to the phono pre-amp, then to any RCA input on the receiver?

I found a turntable for sale locally that I might go check out within the next couple days.

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Best <100.00 deals are at phonopreamps.com.

I purchased their 78RPM one and it's performed nicely at only 65 doubloons. Inexpensive phono preamps can sound outstanding and unless you're totally vinyl/anal one of those will work just fine for you.

Further, they're so cheap if you find you want to spend more you won't have been out much in the first place.


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