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RF-7 II ($1,600 for PAIR) and RC-64 II ($600) FOR SALE


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Hello everyone, Purchased this set of speakers just under one year ago, and have since moved into a living arrangement in which it may be just a little too much speaker. They are in great shape with the exception of a dent on one woofer that does not effect the audio quality at all. I would be looking for 1,600 for this pair of bad boys. If you'd like the RC-64 II, I'd, be looking for 600 for it. I am located in South Jersey, just outside of Atlantic City. Local Pick Up only.

Feel free to message me and I will send pictures. I don't see a tab on here to upload.

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Feel free to message me and I will send pictures. I don't see a tab on here to upload.

C/P from Dean:

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For anyone concerned about the dent, I recently replaced an RC-64 woofer. Bought the part direct from Klipsch for 70$ shipped and it took maybe 5 minutes to replace it when it arrived. Of course, the RF-64 II woofer may be more or less expensive, but I can't imagine it being much different.

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