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Klipsch Heresy II signature series (with extras) - $600 (Waverly, La)


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Here is your opportunity to own some classic audio gear without breaking
the bank. The speakers are Klipsch Heresy II "Signature Edition". They
are 1985-1986, I believe, and was told that they were only sold in
Europe through the American Airforce-Army Exchange program. I cannot
validate this, but have NEVER SEEN another pair of "Signature Edition"
Heresy's. They sound beautiful. There is a ~3" piece of veneer missing
from the factory riser on one speaker. The label fell off one speaker
and I don't know where it is. The faceplate of the speaker on the right
will not stay on because of the Velcro attachments and a small amount of
warpage on the grill. The amplifier is a Voice of Music 1448. I
removed the "tone-o-matic" circuit from this amplifier. The turntable is
a Technics SL-1800 full manual. The 1800 does NOT auto return when the
record finishes. It has an aftermarket head and Shure cartridge. The TT
sounds thin and tinny so I believe that you will have to calibrate the
tone arm weight. The cabinet was custom made to hold everything.
Unfortunately, the base of the cabinet was miscalculated and the
speakers overhang by an inch or so. Anyway, its all great gear and looks

Asking $600 firm for the whole setup. I do not want to sell anything
separately because I am making room for some new toys. If you are
interested, call or text (318) four3nine-zero78five. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES
ONLY!!! More pics on request. Thank you!


No affiliation.


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Glad you snagged them. I picked up deals last weekend (Cornwall II and academy) and today (La Scala, Theil CS 2.2, PS Audio gear preamps and amp, dynalab tuners, McIntosh amp and CD, etc.), I think I am good for a while. The coffers are low and the basement is full.

Look forward to photos.

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