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Newbie needs help with Frankenstein System!


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Hi all,

I am a whatshisname the new guy...just purchased my first pair of Khorns...vintage 1989.

The electronics that I will have within my grasp very soon consist of the following pieces;

2 Carver M-1.0t power amps...bridgeable to mono...good for bottom end?

A custom made 18x18 SET amp....use for mid/tweet?

A PS Audio 5.0 preamp...supposed to be good with tubes and has a great phono stage?

If you were forced to deal with this assortment of goodies....what would you do and how would you do it.

I'm reading a lot of articles about bi- wiring and bi-amping...at this point a little over my head...so here is where I could use the help.

What in your humble opinion would be the best way to utilize the items I will have at hand?

Thanks in advance for what I hope to be good advice,


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