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First Post...RF-42 hi-fi advice


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Hello all, first post and I'm already asking for advice.

Let me begin with my current setup:

Amp: Synthesis Nimis (15 wpc EL84 push/pull tube amp)

Cd player: Arcam CD73T

Turntable: Rega Planar 2, RB250, Mitchell VTA/Tecnhoweight, Denon DL110.

Phono Pre: Musical Fidelity V-LPS

Speakers: B&W DM601 S3 on Soundstyle Z2

Just over a year ago I moved to a bigger flat with a fairly big living room and the B&W (88db sensitivity ) have been struggling a bit with the 15 w of the tube amp, so I'm contemplating the idea of getting more sensitive speakers.

I auditioned Klipsch Reference bookshelf at a friend's house some time ago with a NAD solid state amp and I really liked the sharp, agile, detailed character.

I've been looking at some options and the RF-42 II have suddenly jumped on top of my list. I'm aware of the limited low end extension (59Hz) and the RF-52 II would be even better, but living in a flat I'm not really looking for thunderous bass anyway, and the 60HZ of the B&W always sounded enough to me.

This will be a music only setup, mainly rock, pop, jazz...nothing too heavy, no dance or bass heavy music.

Other couple of thing I'm keeping into consideration:

Cost: RF-42 II are £340 ($520), RF 52 II are £500 ($770)...RF-52 would be too much of a stretch.

Space: RF-42 will be taking pretty much the same space of the B&W and stands, if not less. RF-52 are very deep...might turn out to be a problem for positioning them.

Unfortunately here in London, UK, I didn't have much luck in finding a shop to audition these so I'm looking for someone that has some experience with the pairing of small Reference series speakers with tube amplification...

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The small Reference series speakers are a good match for low power tube amps (check my profile for what I am using) and are very easy to drive. An important consideration though is how far from the rear wall you will be able to place them. Being rear ported you will need to keep them a reasonable distance (around 1/3 meter minimum) away from the wall if you want to achieve good bass response and a large, deep, soundstage. If that is not possible, then a better choice may be one of the Klipsch front ported bookshelf speakers since you already have stands. Maynard

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Hey Ernest, welcome to the Klipsch forums, we're glad you are here! [<:o)]

My experience is.... get the best speakers you can for the money you have. With bookshelf, you'll need to buy stands also. So, why not a floor stander that will go a little lower and give you better bass. By "better" I don't mean louder, I mean clearer, tighter, deeper etc., since you are not using a sub.

I don't have any experience with the Reference series, but wanted to add my opinion to your question.

Again, welcome.


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Thanks every one for the welcome messages and the advices...

Heresys's would be great, if a bit too big...not that easy to come by especially here in UK.

The distance from the rear wall shouldn't be a problem...

RB-61, yes...were my first idea, but at £450 ($690) they're a bit outside my budget at the moment. Besides if I have to spend £450 for the RB-61, I'd go £500 for the RF-52

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  • 1 month later...

So, I pulled the trigger on the small RF-42...got them a few days ago...unpacked them and set them up...

I've encountered a few problems to screw the back feet as one of the pre drilled holes is a bit too tight...stripped the screw head and didn't manage to go all the way through...a bit annoyed about that. Feet are firmly in place though.

Very pleased with the size and aestethics

Will set the spikes up and begin burn-in over the weekend and report back on my impressions...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks! Liking them a lot so far...just a few hours in though.

Good choice! The added size with the 52 over the 42 is not there in added sound. Only a bit more extension but that's it. I love the 42's. for their size they make incredible sound.

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