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Warranty issue in Canada


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Hello Klipsch, I'm having difficulty getting my speakers repaired, they are under warranty still and Gentech is saying they will not respect the warranty on my speakers. I own the Klipsch THX Ultra 2 series and I turned my amp on, the tweeters popped and now my amp goes into shutdown mode. I did nothing wrong and expect my speakers not to die simply from turning my amp on. Is it normal they want to charge me $250 to replace two horns at my own expense?

If my speakers not functioning properly is not covered by warranty ....What exactly is my warranty good for? I have several thousand dollars of equipment collecting dust. I sent an email to Klipsch and no response.

Any help the forum could give me would be greatly appreciated. If I had known the warranty wasn't going to be honored, I would not have bought from Klipsch.

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