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Is 3.1 worth it ?? ( 2 Tower, sub and central ) Klipsch


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Hi guys,

I have a little question. I currently run in 2.1, Tower RF82 + Sub sw112 Klipsch. I have seen on special a central Klipsch ( RC500B ), does it worth it and does my AV receiver will take it and will it make a "Big" difference. I want later maybe in a year to buy 2 surround speaker, so i don't know if i should wait to buy all 3 ( Central + surround ). Or should i take the deal, and notice a difference that worth the price i pay.

Thank for you time guys

Receiver: AVR Denon 1713
Speaker; RF82x2

Sub: sw112

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Again, I'd rather buy surrounds and have a phantom center. You can fake a center channel, but you can't fake surrounds.

Most modern AVR's can be set to run a phantom center, so the center channel signal goes to the front L and R speakers. It actually dosen't sound bad. But, you can't fake surrounds.

So, if it were me and I was building an HT, I would buy surrounds first, then a center channel. To answer your question. NO! It's not worth it, IF you are building an HT. If you looking to listen to some of the old Phillips 3 channel CD's, then yes. For HT, NO! IMHO.


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I would say that 3.1 is better than 2.1 for movies. IMHO the dialog is much cleaner while maintaining the execent dynamics through your mains. Eons ago when I ran pure 2 channel on movies I had a lot of "what did he say?" but that is all gone with the addition of a good matching center!

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