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Mounting suggestions for KL-525-THX and KL-650-THX


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Wall mounting KL-650-THX's and ceiling mounting (fly) KL-525-THX's.

Any suggestions on best hardware. Spoke with rep @ Omnimount, who indicated they no longer produce mounts to hold speakers of that size.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Here is a link to the thread. There is some earlier photos before the actual Cinescope Screen went it and the ceiling was painted that you can actually see them mounted. They are mounted with the Omnimount 60.0 on the vertical ceiling. Youre going to love the THX speaks. I had to go in and reinforce the ceiling behind the wall with ½ hardwood plywood though since I didnt have access to studs for mounting. Dont want those heavy speakers falling. Good luck on the setup and post some pics once finished.

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