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Bioshock Infinite


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anybody play this gem yet????? i know things are pretty in this section, but if you're interested in this game at all, its a must play!

the story is fantastic! you might say to yourself, well...its just another one of those lame shooter games. this is anything but. the story is so great, you dont even realize it's supposed to be a FPS.

everything from the world you're in, to the easteregg songs that are placed though out the game, are just spectacular. it's seriously a piece of art.

definitely top of the class, as far as this gen of console games go. go give it a try ;)

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Infinite is amazing! My buddies and I couldn't get enough of it. Story is just plain off the chain! Have you beat it yet? I played it on the pc, great visuals, and sound. I think the Vigors weren't used to their fullest, but nonetheless still an awesome game!

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i have beat it already. i'm actually almost finished with my second play through lol. that in itself is saying a lot! usually i play a game, beat it, then put it away, or trade it back in.

as soon as i finished, i started right back over again. the story is still just as good, but you pick up on things along the way that help you understand whats going on.

i'm going for the platinum trophy, so i have the 1999 run to get through, without the dollarbill machines.

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