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Amy, please work to bring back my favorite Klipsch marketing shirt...

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500 bucks...wow! Maybe it's time to root around HQ or the factory and try to find that silk screen...it's only one color/one screen...or find the artwork to burn another screen.

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New member to the forum here:)  I remember this t-shirt extremely well because it was created by my father's advertising agency back in the 1970's as I recall.  My father (Bob Ginnaven, deceased) was the creative director and co-owner of an ad agency in Little Rock, Arkansas named Mangan Rains Ginnaven & Holcomb.  They handled all of the Klipsch advertising for about 20 years, which was almost exclusively print media, no radio or tv.  The only exception were the "Klipschirts" as we called them.  I don't have any of them any more but the artist who created this Frodo image is named Buster Hall and he's still alive and on Facebook.  The front of this t-shirt showed the front of the La Scala's with Frodo sitting on it holding the Lord of the Rings (Buster is a BIG Tolkein fan) with the word "Klipschirt" in Elven script at the top.  On the reverse it showed Frodo's back, the back of the La Scala's with the word "bullshit" spelled out with Elven letters so you could and couldn't read it at the same time?!  Man, I wish I had a dozen or more of these t-shirts now!  I still have my Heresy speakers I got for my 15th birthday back in 1977:)  They need to be refinished but they still sound awesome!!!  Thanks for letting me take a walk down memory lane!

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Thanks Coytee!  It's a mess up there in my memory banks and I never went to the plant in Hope but I do remember another story my father told me.  He was at the plant in Hope in a meeting with Mr. Klipsch and others too I'm guessing.  Anyway, my dad was not a tech guy and Mr. Klipsch was trying to describe to my father the tolerances/measurements the parts of the speakers had to conform to.  To demonstrate how close the parts had to measure up to the specs, Mr. Klipsch reached into his pants, pulled out a pubic hair and told my father the tolerances had to be within the width of the pubic hair!!!  Stay safe 😊

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