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Espresso - different shades?


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So I'm piecing together a Palladium 5 channel system here as funds permit. One thing I've noticed is that the Espresso really seems to vary between a dark, deep color and one that really looks like it's in between the espresso and the merlot.

Both look great, however it really concerns me in piecing together a system over time that the shades could be different, particularly at this price point.

Has it changed over the years, or production runs? Does this have to do with production in China vs the USA?

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I've reached out to Klipsch.

Not only do I have I seen them in Photos... I own them.

Hoping to hear something back. They are usually quite helpful I agree.

In fairness I pieced together a new, demo, and used set. But they are all espresso... just different shades!

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Hey Dep, I took a quick look at some of mine which came from differenent sources and in a poorly lit basement with a flashlight I couldn't see enough difference to report any. When I have more light I'll take another look and report back if I see any. Mine came from three differenent sources. Peace out and lots of luck. Just out of curiousity send me a PM if youre interested in a pair of 37s and what youd pay. Just to satisfy a recurring curiosity. I think Pals are literally the best but I have another obsession right now and I might maybe in the most remotest of worlds let them go until I can find a pair of 39s I could afford. Nic aka Shake

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