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2.1 Receiver


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Is there one out there?! I can't do without a subwoofer. I know Onkyo has one but is that it?


I own an Integra DTM-40.4 which is the same as Onkyo TX-8050 but with a couple of extra goodies and a detachable power cord. I am very impressed with this receiver and it sounds wonderful with my Heresys. It recently replaced a wonderful Luxman R-117 stereo receiver, which I consider the best sounding most powerful 80's/90's receiver ever introduced. IMO, in my room, the Integra is giving up very little sound quality and punch to the Luxman even though it is "only" rated at 80w/ch and the Luxman 160w/ch.


Another wonderful choice and maybe even better sound quality(subjective, I know) is an NAD C725BEE.


Don't be put off by the "only" 50w/ch because NAD very conservatively rates power output in their receivers and amplifiers.


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Read and re-read the owners manual...

What kind of advice is this? Most "owners manuals" are written in Chinese/English amalgams that make no sense at all. Most omit important information. Most assume knowledge that the new owner often does not have.

Don't you think that if the answer actually was in the manual, the poster would have found it BEFORE posting on a forum for help? Your advice is not only useless but also insulting. Rereading garbage does NOT improve comprehension.

Stop it, Dennie - just stop.

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