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The PCHT Reference


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This is simply a list to show whats available, theres a lot more, but these in most cases are the major players for those willing to spend the dough for PCHT, hope this helps. Its not everything of course because that would take to long to right and compare, but its a good assortment.

Home Theater Sound Cards Available:

Philips Acoustic Edge (5.1)

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (5.1)

Hercules Game Theater XP (5.1)

Audiophile 24/96 - Studio

Sound Blaster Live Audigy (5.1)

Sound Blaser Live (5.1)

Mpeg-2 (DVD) Decoders:

Ravisent Cinemaster - Decent Function

Creative Labs DXR3 - Package Deals Common

Sigma Designs Hollywood+ - Excellent Audio

Dolby 5.1 Decoders (Non-Receivers):

Midiland ADS-2000 (May Be Purchased Alone)

Midiland ADS-3000 (Must Puchase ML S4 7100+)

Dolby 5.1 & Dts Decoders:

Jazz Hipster DE-005 (Not In US)

Jazz Hipster DE-006 (Not In US)

Yamaha TSS-1 (With Yamaha TSS-1 5.1 Set)

Home Theater Monitors:

Sony G500 - 21" Flat CRT FD Trinitron

Mitsubish DT 2060U - 22" Flat CRT

Sony GDM-FW900 - 24" Widescreen Flat CRT

SGI 1400SW 17.3" Widescreen LCD Flat Panel

Major Software Mpeg-2 Decoders:

Intervideo WinDVD (multichannel ver.)

Cyberlink PowerDVD (6 Channel ver.)

PCHT Accesories:

SB Live 5.1 Live Drive w/Remote

Live 5.1 Digital Output Bracket

Real Magic Remote Control

Hoontech Live 5.1 Signal Amps

Major DVD Drives:

Creative 12x Encore - Good Memory Buffer

Pioneer 16x 105s - Nice Slot Load but Loud

AOpen 16x DVD - Cheap And Workable

Major TV Tuner Cards:

All In Wonder TV (Simple Enough)

Hauppage Wintv-HD (Costly, But Oh The Joy)

Hauppage Wintv-PVR (Video Recording)

Major Graphics Cards:

Nvidia Geforce2 Ultra - Costly

Nvidia Geforce2 GTS/Pro - Decent

Nvidia Geforce3 - Soon To Be Released

ATI Radeon - Ok, But No Show Horse

Matrox Millineum GT450 - Dual Out TV Dealy

Other Options:

HT Receivers (Cons - No Real Analogs, Sometimes G9's, No Real 4-Speaker Gaming)

Various Manufacturer/Review Sites And Audio Sites:

3dsoundsurge.com - Major Audio Updates

Neoseeker.com - Major Reviews

Maximumpc.com - Magazine/Reviews

Zdnet.com - Various Reviews

Cnet.com - Various Reviews

Firingsquad.com - Reviews

Gamespot.com - Reviews

Soundcardcentral.com - General Audio

3dfiles.com - Various 3d Stuff

Nvidia.com - Graphics Cards

Sonystyle.com - Widescreen CRT's

Midiland.com - Decoders

SGI.com - High End Graphics

Sigmadesigns.com - Decoders

Philipsusa.com - S-Cards

soundblaster.com - S-Cards

Turtlebeach.com - S-Cards

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Can someone please tell me who makes the best TV tuner? i'm looking for one that has FM in it as well. I came across the 3dfx card but don't know much about it, is it good? Also does anyone know any review sites i can look at about TVtuners?


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I dont know if you have realized this, though you probably have... 3Dfx no longer exists, though some of their products still linger... As for their TV tuner card..

It is basically the TV/FM capabilities that the 3Dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV had... which I owned... and I must say it was quite the nice bundle, you could record TV at a couple different resolutions, it had a very versatile input/output setup (the POD) though I dont know if that was transfered over to the Tuner card... The "remote" was rather full featured and in general the card was fairly high quality... Personally I loved the thing. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you MUST have an external antenna of some sort to hook on the back of the FM tuner if you have any hope of getting radio stations... Computers have too much electrostatic shiznit goin on in them to use the card's little coax thing in hopes of getting a station. Oh.. dont know if this carried over, though it was pretty much a software thing... you could zoom in on what you were watchin on TV, it was kinda amusing....

well, hope this helps.. if you have any other questions just ask, because from what I understood the card is basically the V3 3500 TV minus the voodoo part smile.gif

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Hey, go to www.avsforum.com if you wanna know about the stuff that's more specialist (ie, you're not using this HTPC for anything else) oriented. I'm talking about other soundcards (like the 2496, and better), way bigger HDTV's to connect to your PC, digital audio recievers and speaker systems to use...stuff like that.

Oh, and DONT GET THAT VOODOO TV TUNER!! There's this one tv tuner that gets normal tv, hdtv, fm radio, and acts like a Tivo...and there's also other cheap tv tuners that are just plain better than the voodoo one...

Unfortunately, I don't know specifics, which is why I posted the link to avsforum.



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