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Returning a Favor


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Back when I didn't know if I was going to live or die (I guess I still don't know!), my gruff friend came on here and asked you all to pitch in and help me. We were slowly going under - and I was even receiving disability pay through my job (60%). You guys contributed almost $2200, which I had originally planned to use for Dr. Bills, but ended up using to help catch up on the mortgage (we were almost 60 days behind), Debbie's van payment, and food. You guys have no idea how much that helped and meant to us. Debbie was completely blown away - I was emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude. Some people won't take charity, I used to feel funny about it myself - but it's a wonderful thing, especially when you're drowning. Now, everyone here knows by now that Craig's wife Becky is battling Cancer. Craig is self-employed and the benefits from Becky's place of employment aren't very helpful. I would really love to see this community step up and help them get turned around financially. Craig dumped what little spare money they had into bringing the NBS to market, but this initial handful of sales simply isn't going to be enough. I do wish people here were more vocal so we could actively help each other - this place has the potential of being a real community - let's start here! Paypal: craig@nosvalves.com

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I know there are a number of satisfied NOSValve customers here, so am a little surprised by the lack of participation in this thread. I know its the start of summer and all, and most of us are much more active here in the winter, but Craig is really in need here and could use our help. Please donate if you have the means to do so. If you were in his shoes I know you would greatly appreciate it.



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