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Returning a Favor


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Craig has always been a willing accomplice in my attempts at amp restoration. Thanks to Craig, I have a cool restored Stromberg Carlson tube amp driving my Belles that I can say I'm proud of.

Best wishes to these guys.

Just so it doesn't get lost on the first page, Craig's Paypal is: craig@nosvalves.com

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(karma will make my purchased from Craig VRDs that much better, if possible) If I were to sell my Peach and Tercel it might make it possible to send a little more in the form of a pre-amp purchase.

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I've only dealt with Craig when I posted a 100.00 Blu-Ray player in the garage sale a few months ago. My replacement was still a week out but he (without asking) paypal'd me right away and told me to keep it until my oppo arrived. A great gesture between 2 strangers.

With that being said Craig, you can now look at the BR player as a freebie after my paypal gift.........

God Bless,


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