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Klipsch La Scala Bass

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7 hours ago, mikebse2a3 said:

This mod is actually close in concept to past designs such as Altec A7 for example.

The front loaded horn of the Altec is no fair comparison to the La Scala folded horn.

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On 6/27/2013 at 12:13 PM, Don Richard said:

The BR mod can go lower but with reduced output in the ports' operating range compared to the bass horn's output. Flattening the frequency response by xover mods will work but will cause sensitivity loss. How much loss of sensitivity are we talking about?

Found some old notes of Dennis':


By adding a simple two pole high pass filter ahead of the power amp we can now have a C6 with a -3dB point of 31hz. Since this is the Fb of the system there is no increase in cone excursion or distortion. The filter consists of a cap an inductor and a pot. The pot allows adjustment at Fb of +/- 3dB. This is similar to being able to change the Qtc of a sealed box from .5~1.0. If you think about it we have the choice between a D2, SC4,and a C6 in the same box by plugging the port and/or bypassing the eq. If you have a SET amp or simply want to get the most out of the LaScala you will want to upgrade the woofer to something with a lower Qts. The Klipsch K43E does the trick, as do the EV DL15W and the JBL 2205. The EV and JBL drivers require some minor network changes.The lower Qts drivers allow for an SBB4 alignment which has the best transient response of the vented alignments. With no eq they have 3dB more output at 30hz than the stock woofer. With eq we have a maximally flat B6 and the F3 of the system is 27~28hz. If using a solid state amp with the low Qts woofers a small resistor must be added in series with the driver to have the same Rg as the SET does.

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On 6/15/2022 at 1:41 AM, consistent said:

When I look at pictures of the NEW Jubilee is reminds of this mod done some years ago! Interesting to say the least!

Can see why. Come back and see the continuation, if you want to. New Jubilee goes low.

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On 6/24/2013 at 3:48 AM, philly0116 said:

Just curious what other members have done to improve the bass on their La Scalas. I keep seeeing this picture come up? Anyone done this and had success? Looks like it would work......



I added 4 killer subs.  La Scalas need low distortion bass below 60-ish Hz.  The DJK mod needs a sharp LF filter and some EQ to stand out.  Adding 1 to 3 dB (without the filter and EQ) below about 70 Hz helps, but is is not significant. 

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