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K-55 Drivers....

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If a K-55 driver ohms out right and still works is there any reason to change it? Do they get 'exhausted'? I just ordered a pair of woofers, crossovers, and tweeters from Crites but left the k55 driver alone. Should I change it?

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The K55's in my LaScalas are (apparently) still going strong. The speakers were bought new by me in 1979 so they're over 30 years old.

It wouldn't surprise me that the diaphragms on them might be getting brittle (?) but there's no obvious sign of that sonically at the levels I listen to them.

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Selenium has about 10dB less output in the 5Khz region.


How is one to interpet these graphs? The Atlas driver vertical scale is at 1W or 1mW? The Selenium driver has two vertical scales. It looks like the Selenium driver puts out 126db at 5kHz with 1W. And >146db in the 700-800Hz region, is that possible? 146db? OMG!


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A plane wave tube will generally be about 145dB/W mid-band, that will be about 115dB/1mW.

Tha Atlas has its highest output centered around 400hz, the Selenium around an octave higher.

The Atlas is useable about an octave lower.

The Selenium is an OK driver (I have four of them mounted up on a quad MCM type manifold), if your tweeter can be crossed at 3.2Khz~3.5Khz or so.

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