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Palladium P39-F and Khorns


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I have owned my P39-F's for a couple of months now and had the time to compare them to my Khorns, which are still in place in the lounge room.

Using A - B comparisons the Palladiums are spectacularly better. The bass is the first thing you notice, tighter, defined and deep. The Khorns in comparison have less presence and lack definition. The midrange on the Palladiums is precise, clear with an almost liquid sound that has the accuracy of a horn with the softness of a cone driver, The Tatrix horn can be driven to high volume levels without the harshness you can get from the Khorns. In comparison the midrange on the Khorns always seems to be so dominant, accurate but harsher at higher levels. The bass of the Khorns always seemed to play second fiddle to the midrange. The Palladiums are a harder load to drive compared to the Khorns. I use 70 watt Triode mono blocks that seem to handle the 4 ohm load with out problems

I will leave my Khorns connected but doubt I will use them for anything other than a furniture piece in the corners of the room. They served me well but the Palladiums are so much better.

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You've expressed an opinion based on your personal experience. You can't be wrong about your opinion.

If others want to buy a pair of each and set up a scientific blind comparison to then voice their opinions, that would be interesting. Nonetheless, it wouldn't negate your opinion.

Enjoy the music.

PS: To be truly scientific the experiment should be in the Southern Hemisphere.[;)]

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My comment was a little off base. I've never even heard a K Horn. I was referring to how I feel the Palladiums really light up with some power since you felt they were harder to drive then one might expect if that was the jist as I understood it. By the way, everyone here is entitled to express them self as Diz so aptly noted. Nic

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Rooms make so much difference! In the Stereophile review of the Palladium P39-F (April 20, 2010), the anechoic response @ 50" shows no real droop above 10K (with normal, expected jaggedness). In WP's listening room, they got a 2.5 dB droop (5 dB RE: 1 KHz) between about 13K and 15 K, followed by 10 dB more attenuation between 15K and 20K. I realize this makes little, if any, difference in listening with most ears, and it resembles the SMPTE recommended room curve for very small theaters.

We all know that the room is critical below 300 or so Hz, with all bets off. In our old room, our Khorns, at our listening position, if anything, had too much bass .... and in the new one, too little.

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