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4.1's in canada


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Hello all. I live in Canada and im building a new computer. I really want a set of klipsch speakers and i plan on buying the 4.1's. The problem is the only place near me that sells them is london drugs, and they say they're not even sure if they're gonna get them at all!! They carry the 2-400's but theres no way im buying in inferior set of speakers. Klipsch wont send to Canada. What do i do!!!! Can anyone find out if Canada or london drugs will be getting them?

The London Drugs i deal with is located in Victoria B.C, on Yates street. 1-250-381-4112.


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Talk a line crap at the manager at the drugs store and GET THAT PRICE DOWN!!!

Then buy the V2-400. You won't regret it. Show him the stateside prices of the old pros and free shipping ads, then bust his chops about the old obsolete product.

Trust me, you'll love 'em.

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End of March????????????


Without my 4.1's this truly is a frozen bleak wasteland. Hmmmphh compose yourself.... ok be strong If Paragon can last a year Ill make a month Ok sorry bout that Ill be alright now.

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