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Best amp for rf7 theater?


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Current setup is marantz av-7701 with xpa2 running rf7 mains and xpa5 running rc7 as well as rs7's

I have been looking for some new power. I just don't know what. I have found a krell kav 500 that looks interesting. I have also been thinking about just spending the money and getting an mcintosh amp. The theater use is a combination of movies as well as 2 channel audio. I am looking for clarity and definition In the amp.

So I would love to hear some options on what would be the best amp or amps to power these speakers as well as a price point to expect to spend to get the most out of the speakers. I don't have a budget per say but would like to know what the least expensive would be and still be the cleanest power?

Thanks for the advice!

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So I would love to hear some options on what would be the best amp or amps to power these speakers

I don't know if this is the "best" but it would be able to do whatever you want it to. Insane power, clarity, soundstage, punch, etc.


I don't have a budget per say

No budget per say, the before mentioned would be perfect.

The description of the Anthem above also applies to this Aragon, except for the much better price.


Look for any of the matching Aragons(4004, 8008) to complete your system.


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Bill, that Anthem looks nice but I'm not sure it will provide enough power for the OP. Huh?


325w/ch not enough power?

Actually, I plugged in the wrong link for the Anthem amp.

This is the one I meant to reference.


Believe me, either of the referenced Anthems will do the trick with ease.


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I have a pair of Epic CF3's, which have very similar power handling specs as the RF7"s, I believe. Though I will never need it, I always wanted an amp that can fill out the 250 watts continuous with 1000 watt peak specs that the Epic's are rated for. For fun I purchased a pro amp that I have read good things about over the years, a Crown K2 amplifier. it puts out 500 watts a side at 8 ohms, 750 at 4ohms and 1250 at 2. I think it has great clarity and definition, has very tight bass and looks fairly cool as well.

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