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This is technically a question...except it's in the technical aspect


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Different sizes of speaker cables can definitely change the sound of the speakers, but it's not always obvious. If you go up or down one size, you have to listen carefully to hear the difference.

If you go up or down two sizes (18AWG to 14, or 16 to 12), the change is easy to hear, especially on transients like drumbeats or handclaps.

In most cases, 14 gauge is fine, and 12 gauge is a little better. If the cables are more than 15 feet long, or the speakers are less sensitive than most Klipsch speakers, you may want to use larger cables. 10AWG and 8AWG cables are not hard to find and are not necessarily expensive.

This company carries speaker cables in sizes from 16AWG to 8AWG at good prices:


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