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Definitive Technology Powerfield 18" Subwoofer *LOWERED


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I have for sale a foundation destroying Def Tech 18" sub, model is the Powerfield 18, 500w rms plate amplifier with phase/gain/x-over controls, advertised clean down to 13hz though I have not tested this. This sub is in mint condition. I cannot find a blemish on it. The grill is also in mint condition. I purchased this recently, but I have decided I just have too many subwoofer projects at the moment and this one needs to go. It's in Black satin, not the piano gloss finnish. Its finnish is identical to my black satin kg 5.5's Grain texture and all, you'd guess they were built to go together. Price is $450. Won't ship due to size and weight. Located in Watertown WI, right in between Madison and Milwaukee.


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found specs for it online.


Dimensions: 22"H x 20"W x 20"D

Frequency Response: 13-125Hz

Driver Compliment: One 18" cast basket woofer with polymer laminate cone

Built-in Amplifier: 500 watts RMS

Controls: volume, Phase, Low pass, High pass

Low Pass Crossover: 36dB/octave, continuously variable (50 - 100Hz)

High Pass Crossover 12dB/octave selectable (50 or 100Hz)


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The larger sub has more volume and does not need has many watts for power to out perform a smaller sub. It is all about how much air can be moved. Good luck with the sale.

that and its a much older sub. and it seems like the newer subs get the bigger more powerful amps they have.
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I was surprised at the 500 watts at first as well, but it is definately plenty of power for the sub.

What are you replacing it with ???

I'm building a pair of 15" sonotube subwoofers finally with these woofers.

what is the finish on these cornwalls? they are gorgeous!
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Thanks guys! These were my first Restoration job. they were pretty beat up when I got them and spray painted flat black. The finish is actualy Maccassar Ebony, not quite zebrawood. Zebrawood is a lighter shade. I think they turned out great, but being my first time restoration, I learned alot.. Anyways, I'm not quite done with them yet.

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