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RP-5's for Sale

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I have 2 RP-5's for sale. They are in pristine condition. Money back if not completely satisfied.

Here is a link with details:


I am asking $1000 for the pair. The MSRP in 1999 was $2K. Please email me if you are interested. bve@mindspring.com. I live in Atlanta so any and all shipping costs will be passed through. Thanks for your interest.

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.I used their description and estimated value in
pricing the set for sale. perhaps too much?? always open to other

In answer to your question from another thread, I would venture
that they are priced a bit high. RF-7's are one of the best speakers
Klipsch has made and they often sell for $800 or less.

The only recent pair of RP-5's on Ebay did not sell and they were listed at $699.

Here is a mint pair on CL for $650 - Link

And another pair on CL for $600 - Link

Speakers are worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Some say 40% of MSRP is a good place to start for older used speakers. It depends on market, location, condition and demand for that item. There is really no "correct" price, but hopefully looking at other similar sales will help you gauge how much your speakers are worth.

It never hurts to start out high because you can always lower your price over time if no interest is generated.

Truly wish you the best with your sale.

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