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FS: (2) Denon DVD players and (1) Crown amp

Tom Adams

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Hello folks - yes, yes, yes......it's been a long time since you've heard from me. I know.......Tom Adams who??? Anyhow......

I have for sale (2) Denon DVD players - one is a DVD-2900 and one is a DVD-5000. Both of these can be found at the Denon website so I'm not gonna eat up bandwidth posting specs and images. They both play and function just fine and are probably an 8 out of 10 due to some minor scratches - nothing bad though. Honestly, since these players are out performed in the DVD arena nowadays, I would suggest one would buy them for a dedicated CD player since they're both old school Denon build quality - read: heavy and rock solid (the DVD-5000 weighs 40 pounds) and have excellent transports. Neither of them have their original manuals, but they can be downloaded from the Denon site. Why am I selling? They are no longer being used and I just need to get rid of some things - the same holds true for the Crown amp that follows.

I'd really like to get $75 dollars each plus the actual shipping charges. I'm open to offers - but don't beat me up or insult me. I have a wife to do that job and she's more proficient than you.

I also have a Crown XLS-202 for sale. Again, you can go to the Crown website and read about it to your hearts' content. I had my heart set on using this for a DIY sub project, but life has gotten in the way. Don't ask, it's a loooooong story and you run the risk of me telling it and then you'll ask why followed by stabbing yourself in the eye with an ice pick.

I've seen prices in the $250 range for this amp, but it too needs to be GONE. So how about $175 plus actual shipping charges? Again, I'm open to offers.

Probably best to email me at work which is: tom.adams.iii@gulfstream.com and we can go from there.

Thanks for the consideration.


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Thanks for the plug about the 2900 and no - I'm not the one that sells lots of beer. If I was I wouldn't be trying to sell off my audio gear for pennies on the dollar so I could make ends meet and the kids could have new shoes to go back to school with.

Just kiddin'. I don't have kids, but personally I think I'm selling these things for cheap. Honestly, I'm not trying to make any money. I just want them to go to a good home - not a Pawn shop or in the garbage. So I hope someone will at least consider making me an offer.

BTW - That was a good point that was made about the 2900. It is one of the Denon models that was specifically designed for SACD. It too is built like a tank.

It's weird with Denon that over the years you can't really trace the technology they used in their models by using their model designators. For instance, one would think that a DVD3900 or 3910 would've incorporated all the bells and whistles from the prior 2900 or 2910. But it doesn't. In fact, some lower model number units actually have MORE features than a higher model number unit. This must drive sales people and product support folks crazy.



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