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Active settings for MWM, MB, K402 ?

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If luck continues, I might have a bead on a pair of the above.

I don't think there is a K510 on top however, I've debated the merits of adding one (this would be used for outdoor movies)

Anyone know the parameters that would be used for the active settings? Do you have a TLX file for a Dx38?

I believe the setup would be MWM bass bins, XII midbass unit, K402 (K1133 I think)

Is there a passive design for this?

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I have plenty of settings but unfortunately none for the Dx-38.

You can work backwords though. You already have the K402 settings. Roy's MWM settings are also available publicly. For the midbass settings, if you have an XII module all you need is the delay. When I used the XII there was no EQ required.

You can get all the active settings for all cinema products in the currently posted cinema brochure. Most settings like EQ and gain are irrelevant because they are for "behind the screen"...........but the delay would be correct.

So it's all there you just have to go get it all. Then you will need to tweak it here and there, but that's the fun part.

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