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Rare Star Wars Edition Klipsch Speakers


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In all seriousness they're probably around $50. Most new Promedia units go for $75, and the new subs alone are around $35 on the bay. I think it'd probably be in the realm of $50-$70. Without the rest of the unit though, it probably won't fetch as much. That is, it's only worth that if it's in great shape and working well.

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can I trade you a pair of jubilees -

I'm not sure the Jubes have as large of a sound stage as these do. I mean the soundstage on the Star Wars edition is as wide as the Universe. I will have to respectfully decline the offer.

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I thought I added enough Star Wars references and ridiculousness to ensure that it would be taken as a joke.

Selfishly, I'm enjoying the fact that this is being missed.  I think you're just altering the deal, I pray you don't alter it any further.  ;)

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