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G-17 connection Problem


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Hy guys,

i am from Germany and i have some problems with the connection.

I can’t connect the PC (with Fritz.Box stick) or the IPod Touch with the G17 (Wlan is Fritzbox 7390)

What I did:

IPod touch:

  • Download the App
  • Turn on the G17
  • Wait till the LED blinks slowly blue
  • Press the Wlan Button
  • The Wlan Button blinks slow purple than fast and then it always shines
  • i only saw the G17 on my Ipod when the purple led shines

What I don’t understand is why the LED constantly shines, it means that the G17 has a connection with something. But not with my devises….

On PC the same, short saw it and cant connect, gone and then the LED shines constantly again….

I hope u can help me.


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Forget the App

Turn the WiFi on an your Apple device.

Press the Wireless button ~5 sec, it will start to blink Purple.

It will blink pruple fast for ~15 sec then start to blink slow.

In your WiFi settings you will see Klipsch_G17_AirSetup.

Select the Klipsch_G17_AirSetup as your WiFi network

The Purple light will stop blinking and stay on.

On your Apple Device open the Safari app.

Type in the address

This will take you to the G17 setup page. (It's a web page on the G17)

Use the drop box for SSID to select you WiFi network.

A password box will appear.

Type in your WiFi network password. Password is case sensitive.

Click "Apply".

A warning will pop up. Click "OK"

After about 5-10 seconds the Wirelss light on the G17 will start flashing blue.

When the G17 finds and connects to your router the light will stay blue.

Now all that said... this might be your solution.

If the Wireless light blinks purple and then stays on it means that someone else (PC or Apple device) has automatically connected to your G17 on "Klipsch_G17_AirSetup" before you did, and you have to find out who or what that was and have them "forget" that network. Sometimes a PC or Apple device will jump to the strongest WiFi signal it sees, if it has previously connected to it before.

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