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1957 Decorator Khorns Restoration


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hey everybody :rolleyes:

good to have the board back on the feet again. it was longest week of my life

actually I'm hosting a new guest. Khorns! OMG! the only pair of Klipschorn in Iran. they are Decorator model with odd woofs in there. the woofer are Klipsch but I was never seen something similar in the forum before.

the plan is to fully restore them. I want to turn them to normal model KHorns so I have to build the top section from scratch. I have grill fabric from Bob and also some Sonicaps. there are some minor scratchs (cracks?) in the lower section of the bassbin. I don't know if it's better to use wood filler to not.

I know I want to restore these Khorns but I need some help. hope the project is done by six months or so

any help is appreciated.

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hey everybody :rolleyes:

good to have the board back on the feet again. it was longest week of my life

It was two weeks of downtime, so that might explain things..

right to the point ^_^

holy cow... that is an amazing room!


thanks man :rolleyes:

Nice horns. Seriously, you need some more gear in that room. Looks a little sparse.

yes. Thank God there is no Mrs. here :lol: it would be my funeral if a female comes by here

I hate to tell you this, but you have an infestation of cat-mice. Look under the TV!

oh holly God! :ph34r: that should be Criss Angel's job who just saw my Khorns on the net and felt envy!


If you plan on repainting or putting on a wood veneer, Bondo will fill cracks a lot better than wood putty and is a lot more durable.


thanks for the tip. I live in Iran but I'm sure I can find the stuff

Is that an 8 track in front of the tv... based on an ADAT?

Where do you get all this stuff?


yes it is. there are bought from Iran's national T.V Broadcasting organization. there are literally hundered more of different studio-grade professional gears in the basement :blink:

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Hey Arash, I should show these pictures to my wife, she would feel a lot better about our living room!!! Congratulations on acquiring the Khorns, plenty of good advice about restoring them to be found here on the forums. Good luck with your project.

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the cabinets are so decrepit specially in the lower areas :( whole the cabinet is made of 12mm plywood! are all KHorn made of 12mm plywood?! I can hear lots of nasty box resonance. a guy wants to buy them "as is" for about 2000USD. I have NIB 15" CW1526 and K-400 horn and Beyma CP-125. Uh, a pair of Bob's 500/4500 Xovers with Sonicaps. some yards of grill fabric. the only missing part is K-55 which I can purchase. I think I can manage to build a pair of Khorn cabinets with modern high quality Austria made plywood, using CNC and some new tools and better Polyvinyl acetate glue. all beyond a 56 years old long time abused decorator Khorn with crumbling walls. I don't think building them will cost more than 1000USD. I know building Khorn is easy to say than done, but it's not impossible when you have all the tools needed and plenty of time. another option could be La'Scala ^_^ any idea?

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The plywood used (for older units) is 1/2" and 3/4", two dimensions that are thicker than 12 and 19mm by a not too insignificant amount.

Putting 1/2" plywood up against 12mm is about a ply in difference, same with 19mm and 3/4", again a not too insignificant amount.

Weight differences too.

Also, if your using the Georgian plans 12mm and 19mm results in all sorts of headaches, nothing will fit-up properly.

That said, the new forum is invasive with data mining.

Might call it quits.

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