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I'm Renting The Farmhouse.

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I'll be in Hope next weekend, looking around a bit. If you're on the fence, get off it and make plans. Be sure to PM me, so I'll have enough BBQ for everyone Saturday afternoon.

BYOB (and maybe some extras,too).


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13 forum members - If I've left you off the list, or if you've decided to come, let me know ASAP, please. Remember to BYOB; I think it's still a drive to "a store".

beeker & Guest


Daddy Dee



pmsummer & Guest




Tony Reed



Otis & Guest

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I'm bringing an A/P silkscreen 60th Anniversary framed poster to the gathering to sell. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Crustyworn, but I think you wrote me that there were 5 that the artist kept, and this is one.). If anyone attending wants to bring items he/she wants to sell, we'll have space for a silent auction. We can also post them in the Garage Sale section for online bids, if someone wants to. Pickup will be easy if you're there!

Remember to PM me if you will attend, 'cause you don't want to miss out on the BBQ.

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Anyone planning to bring our favorite brand of speaker to the gathering? I was working on borrowing some already in Hope, but the deal fell through. I have a last resort, but I'm carrying a big load without taking LaS.

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I'm taking a smaller car. I'm certain than neither my Lascalas or Cornscalas would fit. My H3's might but I'd have to see if I could get them in and out without dinging them. They're not really road warriors. Ideally I'd bring my KP-301 II's as they're made for being transported but they won't fit either. If Mallette is taking a truck and wants to run over and pick them up, I'd be happy to send them up. They've got Bobs new crossovers (slightly modded) and titanium tweeter diaphrams.

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