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Hi all,
I thought I'd write a post that answers some frequently asked questions about the new forums. This topic will likely be updated over time. As always, you can visit the forum's help system by clicking "Help" at the bottom of the screen.
Q: How do I attach/insert images (or other files) to my post?
A: There are several ways to do this.
  • When writing a new topic, there is a form called "Attach Files" just below the post editor. Simply click the "choose file" button, select your file, and then click "Attach This File". Once the files are uploaded you will see them on your screen. By default, all attachments are added to the bottom of your message, however, you can add any attachment to a particular section of your post by pressing the "Add to Post" link. If you wish to remove an attachment and have it not appear in your post, simply press the "Delete" link.
  • When replying to a topic with the quick-reply form at the bottom of a topic page, you need to click the "More Reply Options" button to see the attachment form.
  • You can also click "My Media" in the post editor, which will bring up a list of your previously attached files, and photos you may have added to a Gallery. Then you can select the file/image you want to insert.

Q: How do I insert a YouTube video into my post?
A: On the video's YouTube page, click "Share" under the video, then copy the short URL and paste into your post. For example, if you paste the following URL into your post:

...you get this in your post (when displayed):
Q: How do I post specially-formatted text?
A: Just to the left of the Font dropdown in the post editor, you should see an icon for Special BBCode. If you click that, you have additional formatting options, such as
Background color behind text:
this has red background
Directly link to a member's profile:

Spoiler alert: Klipsch is the greatest!

Q: How do I change my Member Title?
A: After you have made 500 posts, you can change the title that displays above your avatar, if you want. Just click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, then "My Settings". You'll see a Member Title field in the "Profile Information" section of the Profile Settings tab. PLEASE NOTE: Admins have the right to deny your member title if we feel it violates our Forum Rules.
Q: Why the heck do I see "X Warning Points" below my avatar (but nobody else's)?
A: This forum uses a Warning system that allows Admins and Moderators to give warnings (which include points) to members if they violate the Forum Rules in some way. Points can also be removed over time. You can only see your own points. We currently do not have a warning point policy in place, but may have one depending on need. So for now, it's nothing to worry about. EDIT: The warning point system is currently disabled.
Q: Why does my Profile say something like "0 Neutral" in it?
A: That is your "Reputation". It is essentially a tally of "Reputation Points" that other members can give you on your posts by clicking the "Vote this post up" button on your post. It's really an arbitrary number for the most part.
Q: Why can't I access the Chat tab?
A: Chat is currently only for Admins and Moderators for various reasons. That may change sometime down the line. It may not.
Q: How do I change my name on the forums?
A: Click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, then "My Settings". Click the Display Name tab. Please note you are limited to the number of times you can change your Display Name within a given period of time. That form will tell you the limit.
Q: What are my upload limits?
A: Currently, Members are allowed to upload a maximum of 100MB for file/image attachments (including Private Messages and Posts). Per file, the maximum upload file size is 2MB.
(limits subject to change)
Q: What are my Gallery limits?
Max disk space: 100MB
Max Daily Transfer: 100MB
Max # of Albums: 10
Max # of images per album: 500
(limits subject to change)
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