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Dodd Tube Buffer Preamp


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This is a fully upgraded tube buffered "passive" preamplifier from Dodd Audio in Texas. This preamp is awesome with high sensitivity horns as it can be battery powered for no A/C noise. It upgraded by Gary with an LDR volume attenuator, NOS Reflektor 6H30P-DR tube, ClarityCap MRs, PRP resistors, and of course all Cardas connectors. Because the vacuum tube takes 30 seconds to warm up, the unit has a mute feature which cuts all output, and allows you to turn it on, swap cables, etc without any noise or pops. It will come with the recommended CTek Smart Charger to run it off battery power, and a TrippLite 7A power supply for very low noise, regulated, and linear power. It will also come with extra tubes including an NOS RCA clear top 6CG7. You cannot get a tube buffer preamp with better upgrades, and it sounds great with using my Squeezebox Touch or Blu-ray player as the source. I currently have it paired with a solid state Dodd amplifier, and the results are great.

$1000 plus shipping for the preamp, charger, separate power supply, and extra tubes.


The reason this picture is from Gary's website, is it's the unit he used for pictures for the site!


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To clarify from a few emails, a 12V battery is not included with this preamp, but the Gary Dodd recommend CTek smart charger is included; plus the TrippLite power supply for non-battery power. A battery would be prohibitively expensive to ship, and a good one can be found at any local Radio Shack, etc.

I would be willing to include a battery for a local sale.

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