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WTB: Klipsch Reference Series - 62ii, 82ii


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Location: Worcester, MA. 01610

I am currently looking for a set of either RF-62ii or RF-82ii speakers along with an RC-62ii center and RS-52ii surrounds. I have been looking into buying new but attempting to find an excellent condition used set as I'm not rich. No interest in speakers that are flawed aesthetically and in hopes that one of the dedicated audiophiles here on the forum will give some guidance on this attempt. The set will be powered by an Emotiva LPA-1 (5@125, 2@50 Watt) amplifier and UMC-200 Pre/Pro. Any help with this is greatly appreciated and Thanks in advance for any and all support!

Upgrading from WF-34 and WC-24 Icon Woods

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Here are a pair of original RF-82's in your area. I would offer less. - Link They average between $600 - $800.

The problem with buying used Reference Series II is there isn't a lot of them out there.

Here are some Series II speakers as well but are lower models than what you are looking for - Link

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