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I Miss Right This Minute - Can It Be Loaded and Returned?


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The Right This Minute threads were so much fun and were a great way to get introduced to a lot of new music.

Now I know RTM has been troublesome due to number of posts and probably amount of photo storage. Creating smaller threads seemed to fix the broken thread issues.

I humbly request that they be reloaded if at all possible and restored as this thing called audio is really all about the music (and ok, also movie soundtracks these days).

Some of my thoughts for Right This Minute

  • Limit photos to reasonable size. I usally trim mine down to +-80 KB to < 300 KB and load to photobucket and link to them More recently I've sent to Face Book and linked to that image. Or occasionally an Amazon image
  • 200 - 300 KB should be sufficient for viewing on monitor. What's full 1080 HD? 1920 x 1080 to fill one's HD TV screen. Unless you're an early adaptor to the new crazy expensive 4K or whatever they call them
  • File that exceeds hi-res screen resolution is overkill
  • That said many of the photos were stunning and suitable for framing - see many of PM's early on and many others
  • Consider only allowing links to outside photo hosting sites instead of attaching pictures. Much easier on Klipsch's servers. :)
  • The large photo sizes also are s s l l o o w w to load for anybody on dial up or a not so high speed connection.
  • The music is really what this Hi Fi thing is all about, at least until the 70's or 80's whenever people started to realize high fidelity sound is great for movies and TV as well as music
  • Marty (Thebes) can be a pest and may release The Twins in a bad mood on Chad. While The Twins company is very enjoyable in so many ways you really don't want them in a bad mood. Or Thebes for that matter.


My humble apologies if this has been addressed.

Thank you for your consideration.



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